Arrival by plane
If you are comming to Bratislava by plane the easiest way to get to the city center ( if you dont want to take a taxi which SHOULD be aroud 10 euros ) is to take the bus number 61 and exit on the bus station Karpatská where the event takes place (travel 24 min., 30 minutes ticket costs 0,90 €).

If you are comming to Vienna airport, you can arrive from Vienna, Schwechat Airport Busstation to Bratislava AS Mlynske Nivy (central BUS station). RegioJet is the cheapest.
And continue the instructions Arrival by BUS.

Arrival by BUS
From main bus station (Bratislava AS Mlynske Nivy) take trolleybus number 210 and exit on Karpatská as well (travel 8 min., 15 minutes ticket costs 0,70€).

Arrival by Train
Also if you are taking train you can take the same bus (61) just other direction and exit on the same bus stop Karpatská station (second stop, travel 2 min., 15 minutes ticket costs 0,70€).
Or you can go by foot (7 min.) (maps)

Arrival by car
If your choice of vehicle is a car you can park pretty much anywhere during the weekend and also on Friday after 16:00 but make sure that your car is out of the city center parking zone by Monday otherwise you’ll be paying (map of parking zone ). The most conviniest way is to park by (theatre) Divadlo Arena then walk (2 minutes) to the bridge and take the tram number 1 and exit on the tram stop Žilinská and walk for 3 minutes up the hill to the event veniu . If you have any other questions please contact us